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The first Ritenour to move to Illinois was Elizabeth [b. July 1846, Warren Co., Va] with husband Emmanuel in 1867. They relocated to Carroll Co., Illinois, an area heavily settled by fellow Marylanders. By the early 1870’s the rest of the family (except the three oldest [Wm. Henry, Isaac, Thomas]) are known to have moved to the same Illinois county [3 oldest were still in Maryland in early 1870’s]. Elzabeth had married a young soldier just back from the Civil War and calvary action with the Maryland 1st Volunteer Calvary. (Wm. Henry Ritenour was also a soldier or militiaman [2nd Lieutenant in the 4th Regiment of the 7th Brigade of the 58th Militia of the Confederate Army] when he was married in Maryland or Virginia [m. Martha Ellen George Jan 16, 1862 in Warren Co., Va.].) According to family oral legend, the Ritenour family did not wish her to marry Emanuel Binkley in [Dec. 21] 1865. They may not have cared for him personally either. However, at issue to some degree may have been his mixed sympathies on the Civil War issues, his difficult temperament and the fact that his bad leg and thigh would seem to limit his greater chances for making a livelihood.

So when they went off and got married (at Cearfoss, Maryland) they did so over family objections in December [21], 1865. (She was living in Franklin Co., PA., just about the Mason-Dixon line, possibly working out as a domestic.) Their first child [Sarah Emma] arrived a year later. A few months later Emanuel and Elizabeth picked up and joined Emanuel’s brother John in that area. He no doubt encouraged Emanuel by word or example on the move.

They had just set up housekeeping in Illinois when a book salesman (or peddler) dropped by their place. He told Emanuel he had something out in his wagon he wanted him to see. Emanuel went out, and in the back of the salesman’s covered wagon were all the remaining Ritenours sitting around. There was Elizabeth’s father [Adam], mother [Emily] and some brothers and sisters. Upon moving in on him, the families had trouble agreeing. Later when both Emanuel [d. Nov. 29, 1881] and Elizabeth [d. Aug. 18, 1880] died young, their children were taken in by others than the Ritenours, partly due to the fact that some had large families already. What else were considerations is not known for sure.


Excerpt from The Binkley Family: Bloyer, Cheeseman, Cromwell, Morgan, Ritenour, Roland, Schaffer, Whisler, by Jonathan A. Binkley

[bracketed information is added by me]


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