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Uncle Adam Ritenour [b. Sept 15, 1858, Va., d. Mar. 16, 1941, Carroll Co., Ill.] (Grandma Elizabeth Ritenour Binkley’s brother) came to our farm home (near Stockton, Illinois) for a week’s visit during the earlier years of the depression. (What I write about him is not meant to be derogatory in any sense – but to me makes him a unique and interesting character.)

He was a very likeable, good-humoured character – as I knew him. Adam was slightly larger than medium build and had a definite facial resemblance to Dad (George Binkley, Sr.) and his brothers and sisters. He came with no money, borrowed some from Dad – and Dad paid his fare to Chicago when he left. (Adam had been a bricklayer and many buildings in Savanna, Illinois gave testimony of his skill.)

Adam couldn’t read but could figure (which was needed for bricklaying). Several amusing things happened because he couldn’t read. (For instance,) he argued in the Sunday School class that the Bible said; “Pick first the beat out of your own eye before picking the oat out of your brother’s eye.” He argued that you could take a tub of dry sand, pour a bucket of water in it and it would weigh no more than it had dry – because the sand would hold up the water.

To us kids he was a lot of fun while with us.

Memories of Carl V. Binkley [Adam > Elizabeth > George], recorded by Jonathan Binkley.

[Text in brackets is mine]


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