People, Place, and Time

Telling my family's stories


[Memories of Adam Ritenour, Jr.]. Mother’s great uncle spelled his name as Ritenour. That old boy was quite a card. I think he felt called to preach as he could say the longest-winded blessing at the table. After dinner, he’d say to Uncle Johnny (John Binkley) ‘I think we men had better retire to the nether regions now (i.e. the basement) and have a man-to-man talk.’ (Uncle John made the best wine – choke cherry and dandelion.) When they came up, he’d start telling a lot of old sea tales and sing sea chanties. When he got really going good he’d try and do the sailor’s hornpipe. He was really a one-man show and we laughed ‘til our sides ached.

Memories of Great-Niece Inda Cheeseman Swenson [Adam > Elizabeth > Margaret > ? ], recorded by Jonathan Binkley.


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