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Joseph Muehlbauer’s Information

Birth: 16 May 1866, Arnschwang, Cham, Bavaria, Germany

Death: 17 Jul 1904, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, age: 38

Cause of death: Valve Endocarditis

Burial: 19 Jul 1904, Calvary Cemetery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Phys. Description: 5’9”, Grey Eyes, Blonde Hair, Roman Nose

Nationality: Bohemian

Immigration: Apr 1886, The United States, age: 19, from Arnschwang, Bavaria, On the ship ‘Westernland’ from Antwerp

Housing: 1892, 828 Vilet, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, ived with Frances’ brother Charles, age: 25

Housing: 1896, 822 Hinman, Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, age: 29

Occupation: 1896, Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, age: 29, Day laborer

Naturalization: 26 Mar 1898, Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, age: 31

Occupation: 1900, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, age: 33, Tavern Proprietor

Passport Application: 27 May 1902, Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, age: 36

Housing: 1902, 825 Winnebago Street, Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

Housing: 1904, 205 Lake Street, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin


Father: Joseph Muehlbauer  (1841-)

Mother: Theresia Dimpfl (1845-1911)

Spouse: Franciska Kobitz

Birth: 14 Jun 1866, Austria

Death: 16 Feb 1958, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, age: 91

Father: William Kopitz

Mother: Aloysia Rausch

Marriage: 27 Aug 1892, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin


  Charles Joseph (1893-1993)

Joseph (1894-1894)

Joseph Charles (1896-1968)

George F (1898-1935)


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