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Although Kenelm Winslow first appears of record in Plymouth in the tax list of 25 March 1633, and was therefore certainly in New England by 1632, he is paired in the early years with his brother Josiah Winslow, who is known to have arrived in 1631, and so we assume that Kenelm came at the same time.

   On 4 June 1645 “Kenelme Winslow complained that he had injustice, in that he could not be heard in the suit betwixt John Mynard and himself”; after investigation by the court, he “was committed to prison and fined £10,” whereupon he reversed himself and was released from prison and the fine was eventually remitted [PCR 2:85].

   On 5 May 1645/6 “upon hearing of the cause betwixt Roger Chaundler and Kenelme Winslow, for his daughter’s clothes, which the said Kenelme detaineth, upon pretense of some further service which he required of her, whereunto the said Roger utterly refused to consent, it is ordered by the Court, that the said Kenelme Winslow shall deliver the maid her clothes without any further delay” [PCR 2:98].

   On the same day “Kenelme Winslow, for opprobrious words against the church of Marshfeild, saying they were all liars, &c., was ordered by the Court to find sureties for his good behavior, which he refusing to do, was committed to prison, where he remained until the General Court following” [PCR 2:98].

   Despite this bad year, Kenelm Winslow continued to hold important town and colony offices for another decade. His last year as deputy was 1653, and he virtually disappears from public view at that time, although he lived for another two decades. This was about the time that his two elder and more prominent brothers, Edward and John, left Plymouth Colony; perhaps Kenelm owed his limited success to the presence of these brothers, and once they were gone his own abilities were not sufficient to maintain himself at this level.

Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-33 by Robert Charles Anderson


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