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Moorhead Census for Fort Edward, New York

The 1855 New York Census showing the Moorehead family. Note Jane Harris and her unnamed child. I have no idea who Mrs. Walker is, either, or why she is also indented underneath Jane Harris. She is listed as widowed, and having been in America for …

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Moorhead Census for 1880

A snip from the 1880 census, showing Albert and Thomas Moorehead/Morehead/Moorhead. On the far right, you can see that Albert is listed as born in New York, his father is born in New York, and his mother is born in Ireland.

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Moorehead marked ‘adopted’

A snip from the Laurence genealogy, marking Albert Moorehead as adopted. *heavy sigh* Thanks to Gordon Speer for sending this to me.

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Albert Moorehead, bane of my existence

Albert Andrew Moorehead/Moorhead/Muirhead was born February 28, 1855 in the old Revolutionary War town of Fort Edward, Washington County, New York. And that’s about all I know for sure about his biological start on this planet. He went on to marry…

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Batchellor Death Certificate

Mary Elizabeth (Batchellor) Lashell, wife of William Craig Lashell, died of Typhoid fever on March 16, 1880 in Woodland township of Carroll County, Illinois. The illness lasted 8 days. She was 53 years old. This is a snip from her death certificat…

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