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‘Haasch’ appears to be a corrupt form of the name ‘Haseken,’ which was the name of a family of farming landowners in the area of Lietzow, Pommerania. Back in the old days, before people were much able to read or write (i.e. before the 1800s), accounts in town were kept on a big board hung up in the mayor’s rooms. Along the top would be a symbol for each family in the district, and along the side would be a symbol for thing owed, and how paid. A peg would be put in a hole to mark paid/not paid. 

The symbol for the Haasch family (‘Haseken’) looks like an asterisk ‘*’. This appears to be a variation of one of the old letters of the runic alphabet – the alphabet in use before the Latin script was adopted (which you are reading right now). 

… (back to 1500) > Ferdinand Haasch > Carl Haasch > Frank Haasch > Rose Haasch > Elizabeth Klann > etc.

Source: William Haasch’s genealogy on the Haasch family ‘Haasch Stammbuch 1631AD’ (with Don Haasch’s additions).


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