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The Plague in Pommerania

There was a plague that hit Pommerania in 1638, and nearly wiped out most of the small villages. According to a local historian for Lietzow, Regenwalde (William Haasch), people died so fast that there was nobody to bury the bodies. The church leaders died, the cemetery workers died, and people ran off into the woods to live away from the plague-infested towns.

The Haasch family (called Haseke/Haseken/Haske at the time) was almost entirely wiped out. Only one man, his wife, and two of his children survived: Jürgen Haseke (b. 1598) and his wife Trine Marquarts, with their children Jürgen (b. Mar 3 1634) and Catharina (b. Nov 26 1631). Every person with the last name ‘Haasch’ today is descended from this single family.

Jürgen Haseke > Jürgen > Hans Adam > Martin > Michael > Johann > Ferdinand Haasch > Carl > Frank > Rose > Elizabeth Klann > etc.


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