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Above is a reproduction of a painting of the Bridal Jewel of the Haasch Clan as William Haasch remembers it. It was worn by every bride on her wedding day and also by the brides on their Silver and Golden wedding anniversaries.

“Tradition tells us the jewel was given to Katharina Volkmar when she married Achim Haseken in Lietzow in 1543.

The back of the jewel is of gold bronco showing only oval dots on the rim. The inside is of black enamel to which is fastened the large lemon-yellow star of the Haseken carved from one piece of amber. Between the eight rays of the star are fastened flowers of orange color with red eyes, also of amber. The flowers are heidenblumen of Scotch heather which in German is called “Erika.”

The star of the Hasken is a stylized form of our ancient House, a Hof-Mark! It is a letter or character of the runic alphabet of the ancient German tribes. It is commonly called a “Hans or Hog-mark.”

Haasch Stammbuch 1631AD, William Haasch & Don Haasch

William Haasch appears to have seen the jewel, but guesses it was lost during the Russian advance into Pommerania in the 40s. He says that the last Haasch family living in that area had the jewel in their possession, and after the husband was murdered by Polish guerilla fighters, she ran off to the river and drowned herself, taking the jewel with her. I have no idea how much of this is true, but it makes for interesting reading!


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