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DANIEL F. BATCHELLER of Coloma Township, Whiteside Co IL

Daniel F. Batcheller was born in Bethel, Vermont September 8, 1803. January 4, 1826 he married Miss Caroline Maynard. In 1831 he moved to Medina County Ohio where he pursued the trade of a carpenter. In May, 1840, he settled in Sterling Illinois, making a claim in Coloma, to which he removed in a short time. Mrs. Batcheller died in March, 1838, and he was married to Elizabeth A Warner. Children: Mary, born in 1826; Henry F in 1834 and Caroline. Mary married William Lashell January 19 1847, and resides in Carroll County. Henry F married Mary McNeil, July 1 1852; children – Addison M born August 6 1855, Imogene, born May 5 1861 and Carrie F born March 22 1868; Addison M married Ella Price, October 18 1877. Caroline married Andrew Sherwood August 30 1869, who died in California in 1873; in 1876 she married Charles Best. Mrs Elizabeth Batcheller died November 5 1855 and in 1857 Mr Batcheller married Mrs. Jane McNeil. In 1858 Henry F Batcheller invented and secured a patent upon a hand corn planter, and with his father immediately began its manufacture in a small way. Twelve were manufactured and sold the first year. Mr Batcheller, Sr., retired in 1870 and in 1876 A. M. Batcheller became a partner, the firm name being H. F. Batcheller & Son.

The History of Whiteside County, published by Bent & Wilson, 1877

Daniel/Dennis Fay Batchellor > Mary Batchellor > Emma Jane Lashells > Minnie Mae Oberheim > Earl Ritenour > Elmer Ritenour > etc.


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  1. Mary Lou Stoddard
    March 27, 2011

    Does anyone know where Caroline died, where she is buried? Same as her husband Dennis. Can not find any documentation on either of them. Verified that John F. Oberheim does not have a death certificate at the Carroll County Courthouse. I have an obit for him that only lists his children. Savanna paper stated a full obit to be forthcoming which I have never found. This site has been very useful to me. thanks

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