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A Letter from Franz Mühlbauer (ca. 2006)

Hello Jeff,

I changed my mind and spent the day in the archive in Regensburg.

And I was lucky to find the evidence that some events of your ancestors are included in the records of the archive in Regensburg.

In short this is what I found:

Joseph Muehlbauer, born October 10, 1841 in Arnschwang, farmer

  married November 7, 1865 in Arnschwang to

  Theresia (Therese) Dimpfl, born February 20, 1845, died February 21, 1911

    her parents: Joseph Dimpfl, and Margarethe nee Mühlbauer

Children of Joseph and Theresia (I looked up the records till 1873 – when they end):

– Josef, born May 22, 1866

– Alois, born March 14, 1868

– Franz Xaver, born May 7 (?), 1871

– Theresia, born December 15, 1872

In an earlier mail I mentioned that Joseph M. and Theresia Dimpfl are part of one of Hildebrand’s Charts.

Here is the Muehlbauer line leading to your ancestors taken from that Chart (every additional generation is indented two characters):

Muehlbauer, Valentin, innkeeper in Noesswartling, died 1635

his wife Barbara died 1634 or 1635

  Johann, innkeeper in Arnschwang, died 1652

  married the widow Anna Eisenreich 1625

    Johann, innkeeper in Arnschwang

    married Barbara ca. 165x

      Johann Georg, innkeeper in Arnschwang

      married Dorothea Kolbeck 1707 (her parents: Johann and A. (Anna!?) Klingseisen, Haberseign)

        Michael, born 1715, innkeeper in Arnschwang, died 1747

        married Katharina Fischer 1736 (her parents: Johann and Katharina, Neum. [Neumuehlen!?])

          Joseph, innkeeper in Arnschwang

          married Anna Maria Hierstetter 1764 (her parents: Johann and K. [Katharina!?] Ploetz, Grassm. [Grassmannsdorf])

            Anton, innkeeper in Arnschwang

            married Anna Maria Grassl (?) 1801 (her parents: Johann and El. [Elisabeth], Brennet [?])

              Georg, innkeeper in Arnschwang

              married Franziska Brantl 1829 (her parents: Franz and B. [Barbara?] Weber, Zackermuehl)

                Joseph, farmer in Arnschwang

                married Theresia Dimpfl 1865 (her parents: Josef and Margarethe Mühlbauer, Arnschwang)

                  Theres, Arnschwang

                  married Alois Blab 1892

                  Xaver, farmer in Warml. [Warmleiten?]

                  married Margarethe Schwägerl 1898 (her parents: Johann and Th. [Therese?] Hierstetter, Warm. [Warmleiten])

                  Johann, farmer in Arnschwang

                  married Anna Hierstetter 1898 (her parents: Josef and B. [Barbara] Irlbeck), Grab. [Grabitz?]

                  Maria, Arnschwang

                  married Joseph Hierstetter 1898

                  Franziska, Arnschwang

                  married Johann Wittmann 1896

Joseph’s Mother died 1911. Maybe Joseph visited Germany in 1902 because his father died?

I ordered some copies of records of Joseph, Theresia, and their children. It will take some weeks until the archive will send me the copies by snail mail.

Kind regards



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