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A little bit of history for Arnschwang.

Based on the German-language sites put up by people in Arnschwang, I thought I’d put up a bit of the local history that I’ve gleaned.

The catholic parish in Arnschwang, associated with St. Martin, is apparently the oldest in Cham. The first church was apparently built on this site in 793AD. There was a fortified church-city on the site in 1431. There was significant turmoil during the reformation, and Arnschwang momentarily became protestant. During this period, it appears the protestants burned a large number of church books. 

The city was plundered by the Swedes in 1633, and a plague broke out in 1634 which caused many people to flee the area. The town was plundered again by the Swedes in 1642. Based on oral histories collected by Franz Mühlbauer, it appears that the area was so small and so remote that the world wars largely impacted people by stealing their sons. When World War II started, the main mode of transportation was still donkeys and horses.


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