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Andrew Kolupka’s birth record


The parish entry for Andrew Kolupka’s birth in Wisniewo, Posen, Poland on October 14, 1863. His father Michael Kolupka is listed on the far right, and his mother Cecelia Borzolowicz is listed on the next page, along with godparents (Godfather: Joannes Nadolny, who is Michael’s sister Catharina’s husband. Godmother: Constantia Waselewic).


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One comment on “Andrew Kolupka’s birth record

  1. rob speaker
    May 21, 2014

    My name is Rob Speaker, My Grandmother’s name on my father’s side was Francis Speaker (piekurzewski); her maiden name was Kolupka. Her father’s name was Valentine Kolupka, His parents were Michael Kolupka and Cecilia Borzolowics. Do you have any more information on Valentine, Michael and Cecilia? I have been trying to do genealogical research on my family line. Your help would be appreciated.
    Rob Speaker email:

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