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Ignatius Kolupka

Valentine Kolupka, Andrew Kolupka’s brother who also worked as a coal miner in Spring Valley, had a son named Ignatius, as well as the son Peter who I just posted a picture of. He was born October 12, 1892 in Spring Valley, and I know very little about him other than an entry in the index for the Polish Army in France Recruitment Records, which lists him as a volunteer in World War I. 

This was an interesting bit of lesser-known history. From the Polish genealogical society:

An estimated 20,000 Polish persons answered the call to fight for freedom and the opportunity to regain Poland’s independence during World War I in the Polish Army in France (in Polish, Armia Polska we Francyi). They were recruited from among the Polish immigrants who came to America to fight with France

So Ignatius was apparently recruited to go fight in France for the hope of an independent Poland. I so far don’t know what became of this. Ignatius died in Spring Valley on April 12, 1924, at the age of 31.


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