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Monthly Archives: December, 2010

Muehlbauers in 1896 in Milwaukee

Here’s a snip of the Muehlbauers found in the 1896 Milwaukee Directory. As far as I can tell, only Joseph and Louis are related. I don’t know who the Frank Xaver and Anna Muehlbauer are; Joseph has a brother named Franz Xaver, interestingly. Howev…

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The Muehlbauers in 1930, and Otto Ratz

After Joseph Muehlbauer died, Frances took over the management of the tavern. By 1930, her son Joseph became primarily responsible for the tavern and household, as shown by his status as ‘head of household’ on this snip of the 1930 census. There a…

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Joseph and Louis Muehlbauer, and their bad hearts

The Muehlbauers have an unfortunate history of dying early from bad hearts. Louis Muehlbauer, Joseph Muehlbauer’s brother, was the first I have documented who died young from heart failure. He died in Milwaukee on January 31, 1900 of a ‘valvular h…

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Photos of Sarah Jane Overfelt

Sarah Jane Overfelt was the daughter of Joseph Overfelt and Mary Ann Altick. She married Lewis Preston Greenwood. The third photo is Sarah Jane with her daughter (Tina Belle)’s husband (Denver Roscoe Cook)’s mother Hattie Ann (Smith) Cook. Sarah J…

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The name ‘Bergeler’

Now, I know in English that this name sounds a lot like ‘Burglar,’ but it has no relation in meaning. That’s just the unfortunate way languages work. ‘Book’ sounds almost exactly like the Turkish word for ‘shit.’ ‘Pinch’ is darn close to the f-wor…

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