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Military biography of William Martin

Col William Martin, of Harrison County, Virginia. Application made in July, 1832.

He joined the army in the spring of 1779—being 16 years of age—as Assistant Commissary, under Charles Stewart, of New Jersey, Commissary General of Issues. He was not commissioned, and received no pay whatsoever for his services. He was expert in figures and with his pen, and Gen. Stewart, with whom he served, was a neighbor of his father, and at the General’s request he went with him into the army, then on the Raritan River, near Middlebrook, and he was attached to Capt. McKnight, another Assistant Commissary.

The next spring the army moved to Smith’s Cove, NY, and lay there when Gen. Wayne successfully stormed Stony Point. He was next transferred to James Johnson, another assistant at Pottstown, NJ, and from there, in December, 1779, he was transferred to Raritan Landing, near New Brunswick, to Assistant John Bray, where he remained until the close of the war. He removed to Harrison County, VA, in 1786, where he married Jane Powers, Feb. 1815—she was 59 years old in 1853.

The above John Bray was an uncle to Martin. and a judge in New Jersey in 1836; and a John Wilson was a son-in-law of Martins (sic).

Col. William was born in New Jersey in 1763, and he died Aug. 25, 1851. (Widow’s File No. 9,937)

Notices: genealogical and historical, of the Martin family of New England, by Henry J. Martin. Lee and Shepard, Publishers, Boston, 1880. Page 345, Appendix D:


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