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Willam Martin: Rev. War service

State of Virginia
Harrison County Court

On this 21st day of August 1832 personally appeared before William A. Rogers, John Reynolds, Benjamin Baggoce(?), and Joseph Johnson the court of the aid county of Harrison, William Martin, resident of Elk Creek in the said county aged sixty eight years who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provisions made by the act of congress passed June 7 1832; that in the spring of the year 1779 he was called upon by Charles Stewart commissary general of issues in the army of the United States to join the army then lying on the banks of the Rariton River in the neighborhood of Middlebrook, New Jersey to aid and assist in the commissary department for issuing rations to the continental troops; that he accordingly joined the army in

[p.6] April or May 1779 and was associated as assistant commissary to Capt. McKnight (whose Christian name is not recollected) the issuing commissary of rations; that he marched with the army from the banks of the Rariton River towards West Point by the way of Smiths cove near New Windsor on the Hudson River; the the army was encamped at Smith’s cave in part or in the whole, at the time Gen’l Wayne took Stoney Point; that the army afterwards marched from ??? to West Point where he continued in the commissary department until some time in the latter part of the fall following; at which time by the order of Col. Stewart (the commissary general), he went to Pittstown, New Jersey to serve as assistant to James Johnson, commissary of issues in that place; that he remained in that place in the commissary department until he again received orders from Col. Stewart to repair to Rariton landing near New Brunswick to assist John Bray commissary of issues in that place; and that he remained in that place until the close of the war. He thinks that Bray retired from the commissary department some months before the close of the war.
That after the close of the war Col. Stewart the commissary general called upon him and desired him to make out his account against the government, stating that he was going on to Philadelphia to settle with government and that he would have his account allowed and draw his pay for him; that before he had completed his account Col. Stewart set off, so that his account was never ?????; and that he has never received from said Stewart or from the Government one cent, directly or indirectly, for his services, as finding that his wages were scarcely worth seeking at the close of the war by ?? of the great depreciation of ??? money, he abandoned the pursuit.
That he entered the service as before stated in the spring of 1779 and remained in it as already detailed until the close of the war or a short time

[p.7] previously, that he was living on the south branch of the Raritan River in Lebanon township, county of Somerset, New Jersey at the time he entered the service, and that he removed from New Jersey to Harrison county Virginia in the month of November 1786 in which he has ever since resided:
That he knows no one whose testimony he thinks he can obtain, who can of his own personal knowledge testify to the service herein detailed: Col. Stewart, and Capt. Johnson [are dead?] what has become of McKnight he knows not; Bray he thinks it probable is still living somewhere in the state of New Jersey; and thinks that he can obtain his certificate to the ?? of this declaration if it should be deemed indispensable. He has however ??? the office ?? of the Revd John Davis himself a soldier in the revolution, and who has seen the applicant in active services in the commissary department as he has detailed.
He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or an annuity except the present; he declares that his name is not on the pension roll of any agency in any state.
Sworn to and subscribed the day and year aforesaid [Wm Martin’s signature]

From the Revolutionary War pension application file for William Martin (#9,937).  Statement of military service given by William Martin.

Transcribed by Clare Muehlbauer.


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