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Joseph and Louis Muehlbauer, and their bad hearts

The Muehlbauers have an unfortunate history of dying early from bad hearts. 

Louis Muehlbauer, Joseph Muehlbauer’s brother, was the first I have documented who died young from heart failure. He died in Milwaukee on January 31, 1900 of a ‘valvular heart lesion,’ that had a femoral artery thrombosis as a complication. He was 31.

Joseph Muehlbauer died four years later, on July 17, 1904. He was listed to have died from ‘Valve endocarditis’ – another heart problem. He was 38 when he died.

Joseph’s son George also died early. He was born December 25, 1898 and died suddenly on April 24, 1935. I don’t have his death certificate, but I suspect it was also a heart problem. He was 36.

On the other side, there’s Muehlbauers that lived a very very long time. Charlie lived to be a few weeks short of 100. His brother Joseph lived to the decent age of 72. It’s possible they inherited this longevity from their mother Frances Kobitz, however – she lived to be 91 and was coherent right through to the end, just like her son Charlie. Charlie’s children Robert, Charles, and Lois are all currently over 80 years old. It’s possible that some people wouldn’t have made it as long without modern medicine, of course – there’s been more than one heart problem in that group – but it’s still puzzling how there’s such different life spans within the same family.


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