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The Zielinski family

Ignatius Zielinsky was born April 1, 1852 somewhere in the Posen province of Poland. He came to America on April 8, 1880 aboard the “Braunschweig,” bound out of Bremen, Germany. While his original destination was listed as Pittsburgh, he ended up in Winona, Minnesota by 1880, when he appeared on the census there. He was naturalized as a US Citizen November 8, 1881.

In about 1878 in Poland, he had married a woman named Anna Czeklinski, whose parents were John Czeklinski and Victoria Drozd. John died in Poland, but Victoria made the trip to America with her daughter and son-in-law. She died in Winona on August 22, 1892, having apparently been born in Belarus (?). Ignatius appeared to have no trade skills, and worked his entire life as a ‘general laborer’ or ‘day laborer,’ meaning he showed up for daily work at various manual labor jobs around town. They were

Ignatius and Anna had at least 10 children, with their first, Theodora, being born December 1878 in “Russian Poland.” One of their children was Victoria Zielinski, born December 22, 1883 in Winona, who went on to marry Frank Haasch in Milwaukee – my great-great grandparents.

Ignatius and Anna moved to MIlwaukee around 1892, when their child Gustav was born. Things did not go well there for the Zielinski family – Ignatz and Anna divorced and Ignatz’ life seems to have gone down hill. He died of a coronary embolism May 18, 1927 at the public hospital in Milwaukee. The doctor that examined him at death concluded that chronic alcoholism was the primary cause of his death. He was buried at Holy Cross Cemetery in Milwaukee. Anna lived until April 27, 1937, when she died of pancreatic cancer. She had been living with her daughter Helena (b. July 9, 1896) and her husband Lawrence Herrick.

Ignatius Zielinski > Victoria Zielinski > Rose Haasch > Elizabeth Klann > etc.


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