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Ignatius Zielinski’s parents

For several years now, I’ve been unable to figure out who Ignatius Zielinski’s parents were. It’s been hard because his death certificate is almost bare, he got married in the old country, he had no relatives in Milwaukee, there’s no obit I can locate for him, etc. Most of the usual sources weren’t helpful. Interestingly, however in 1885, in Winona, there is a Lorence Zielinski and family living next door to Ignatz. Here’s some snips from that census:


This guy is the right age and right nationality to be Ignatz’ brother. However, for the longest time, I had no proof to back this up. Until my wife found THIS in a Winona newspaper collection:


Lawrence died December 9, 1916 in Winona, and this is the obituary that ran in the paper the next day. Notice that he is listed as having a BROTHER in MILWAUKEE named IGNATIUS. Sweet. That’s as good as it gets, I’d say! 

So, we went and pulled Lawrence’s death record. It lists his parents as John Zielinski and Katherine Dirdowski. Now I have names to work with. Hopefully, with this many names, I can figure out where in Posen they are from, and then we’ll be in business.



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