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Monthly Archives: February, 2011

The Scherwitz farm

When Johann H. Georg Scherwitz brought his family to Wisconsin in 1845 (when Wisconsin was still a territory, not yet a state), he wanted to settle there. On March 1st, 1848, he bought 52.5 acres of land from the federal government in Jefferson Co…

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Adam Denton Ritenour’s family data sheet

Here’s a summary of some of the basic facts for Adam Denton Ritenour and his wife Amy Kessler. There’s much more info than this, but this is a start. Name: Adam Denton Ritenour ————————————————– Birth: 12 May 1876 …

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Russell Sharp’s Pedigree (Barbara Sharp’s Father)


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Cora Moorehead’s Pedigree chart (Elmer Ritenour’s Mother)


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Pedigree Chart for Earl Ritenour (Elmer Ritenour’s Father)


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