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Monthly Archives: March, 2011

Anna Cieklinska’s first marriage

Anna Cieklinska, who eventually married Ignatz Zielinski and gave birth to Victoria (Rose Haasch’s mother), was married before. According to the marriage records available from the Pommeranian Genealogical Association, her first husband was named …

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Kashubia and Kociewiacy

The Zielinskis, Cieklinskis, and Drozds come from an area that is in the middle of three major ethnic groups in Poland. To the west are the Kashubians, who are a well-known ethnic group in Poland and speak a different Slavic language that is rough…

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Major breakthrough on the Zielinski family!

You might recall that a few weeks back, we figured out that Ignatius Zielinski had a brother who also lived in Winona, MN – a man named Lorenz Zielinski, and that his death record listed his parents as John Zielinski and Catherine Dirdowski. Well,…

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