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Anna Cieklinska’s first marriage

Anna Cieklinska, who eventually married Ignatz Zielinski and gave birth to Victoria (Rose Haasch’s mother), was married before. According to the marriage records available from the Pommeranian Genealogical Association, her first husband was named Johann Nórek. They married in 1873 in Pogódki (See the map). He died in Czarnylas in 1877, which is right before she married Ignatius Zielinski. 

However, before he died, they had two children. One was named Johann. I only have been able to find that he was born in Czarnylas in 1876. The other was a girl named Theodosia (Latinized name), born in 1874 in Czarnylas. She appears to have lived, and married an Ignatius Paszek in Czarnylas in 1894. She had at least one child, named Jan, in 1895.

Theodosia is my great-great grandma Victoria Zielinski’s half sister. She was left behind in Poland (probably with her father’s family) when Anna immigrated to Winona, MN with Ignatz in 1880. At the time, she would have been about 6 years old.

I’d like to figure out what happened to them. Considering their age and location (i.e. Poland going into the early 20th Century), it may be a very sad story though.


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