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The Feeneys in Quebec!

Bernard Finney/Feeney and his wife Mary came to Will county, Illinois some time around 1841 (when their son John was born there). They went on to have at least 7 total children: Mary, Margaret, Robert, John, Susan, Bernard, and Ann. The kids intermarried with other irish families in the Channahon area, including the Handlons and the Sharps (from Grundy cty.).

I’ve known for a long time that Bernard Feeney and his wife Mary were in Quebec for awhile before coming to Will County, Illinois. Their three oldest children, Mary, Margaret, and Robert are all listed as born in “French Canada” on U.S. censuses. 

Until recently, I didn’t know where or when, though, which is why the latest discoveries were so exciting. I got ahold of the church records for Notre Dame parish in Quebec City. Here’s Robert Finney’s record, from July 21, 1833. 


Parents are listed as Barney Finney and Mary Gill. I’ve also found the records for Mary and Margaret – same parish, close (enough) birth dates. On those two, the wife is listed as Mary McGill. Some genealogical work by others had suggested her maiden name was McGee, but I never had known where that had come from (A death record, maybe?)

These are the only three children born to this couple in the parish (or any other parish in Quebec), and all the dates roughly match (as close as you can get for Irish people in the 19th century, I mean; dates are always off). So I’m convinced these are them.

There are other Feeneys living in Quebec City at this time and having children, so it may be that I could sort out a bit more of the Feeney/Finney clan with any luck! 


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