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Inventory of the estate of Zachariah Smith

Inventory and appraisement of the estate of Zachariah Smith deceased November 7, 1816

15 Hogs in pen 60
55 Ditto 80
6 cows 54
5 young cattle 28
6 calvs [sic] 18
24 sheep 30
5 Barshier ploughs & swingleturs? 22.00
5 old hoes & 2 axes 4
2 iron w??? & ?? chain 2.50
1 Handsaw Bell and ???? old iron 1.50
1 Hackle for flax 3.00
1 iron pitchfork .25
one iron shovel and smoothing ??? 1.25
one iron kettle & oven 3.00
one cheese press & grindstone 1.75
?? ?? 5 pails & tubs/crocks 8.00
one coon working cap & furs 10.00
2 iron pots and dutch oven skillets
& pot ??? 7.00
one frying pan, 2 shovels and hammer 1.50
one watering pot, coffee pot, tin kettle .50
one pewter dish and two plates 1.50
one dining table 7.00
3 old tables and one chest 2.50
9 old chairs 2.50
one corner cupboard 6.00
one churner, 15 earthen plates, 2 dishes,
1 ????, 1 sugar dish, 5 tumblers, poplar
box & salt box 6.00
one earthen bowl, 8 china cups &
saucers, coffee mill, 1 candle stick & ???? 2.50
1/2 dozen knives and forks, bread tray
soup spoon and four platters .75
one Bea*** 12.00
one Bible English & p??? dutch books 4
a looking glass .75
one bedstead and furniture 25.00
one Ditto 20.00
one Ditto 15.00
one Ditto 15.00
one Toglet Table & Drinking Glass 8.00
two flaxwheels and 1 cotton wheel 3
one negro boy named Anthony 300.00
one negro girl Caroline 400.00
one Ditto Mahala 600.00
one Ditto woman Penelopy and
child Barbara 450.00
one ditto man Adam 500.00
one cutting box 2.50
one stack wheel 7.00
oats in straw 2.50
waggon *** and **** 40.00
80 barrels corn 100.00
two stacks hay 7.00
Hemp in the stalk or broke 6

[Total] $2497.75
one horse $64 carpet 8 dollars 83

[Total] $2580.75

In pursuance of an order of the court of Mercer Coty we the undersigned being first sworn have appraised the personal estate and slaves of Zachariah Smith decd as shown to us by the administrators and report the above schedule as the true amount of the same.
Given under our hand the 7th of Nov 1816 [Edwd Worthington; John Bowman; John Dunklin]

Inventory of notes and Bonds due to the Estate of Zachariah Smith decd shown to us by the administrators aforesaid

one note on Peter Smith dated 12 August 1812 298.24
one Ditto Jerh B Smith dated July 9 1813 90.00
one Ditto Zachariah Smith August 19 1814 30.00
one Ditto Jas [or Jerh again?] B Smith dated Sep 15, 1812 with
a credit of 8 dollars on the back 423.37
one Ditto William Smith dated Jun 3, 1811 40
[12 August scratched out]
one Ditto Henry Greder dated 4th April 1798 9

[Total] 880.61

Given under our hands and seals the 7 of November 1816 [Edwd Worthington; John Bowman; John Dunklin]

Mercer County Seat Feby County Court 1817

The foregoing inventory and appraisement of the estate of Zachariah Smith Decd was produced into court and ordered to be recorded

Attest: Thom Allen

I love inventories of people’s households because you get such a (relatively) detailed picture of their life. What they used to eat with (earthen bowls, china cups, some flatware, a little pewter); how they made a living (livestock, flax, spinning); how wealth was measured (Zachariah’s slaves represent more than 80% of his estate value, and the livestock another 10%).

I wonder where that Bible went. That probably had some lovely family names and dates and places. The Smiths were from Germanna, in Virginia and moved to Kentucky in the late 1770s. The Shy Genealogist has some nice posts on their land grants here

The Zachariah Smith who owed the estate $30 was the son of Zachariah Smith, and my 4th-great-grandfather. I think Peter, Jeremiah, and James Smith are his brothers, and William Smith his brother-in-law, having married Zachariah’s sister Sallie (yes, Smiths marrying Smiths . . . *holds head*). I don’t have any information on a Henry Greder though.

Okay, now I’m off to look at the dower records for Sallie Ann Smith!


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