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Robert and Hannah Moorehead

Robert and Hannah Moorehead were a couple that emigrated from Ireland probably in the 1850s, along with several of their children. In the church records in County Monaghan in Ireland, we find the records for Jane and Thomas Moorhead, children of Robert & Hannah Moorhead (columns from left to right are Surname, Given name, d.o.b., Parents, and Townland):


(Note: There is another Thomas Moorhead listed here, son of Thomas & Esther Moorhead.  This could reasonably be Thomas Moorehead, adopted father of Albert Moorehead.)

Later, in Robert’s will in Jo Daviess, Illinois, dated 18 June 1872, he references his deceased son Thomas, and his daughters, Jane Farrell and Barbara Morehead


Hannah’s will, dated 9 January 1880, bestows all of her property (real and personal) to her daughter Barbara Morehead, and to her two grand-daughters Hannah Isabella Bowden and Elizabeth Jane Bowden.

Both Robert and Hannah are buried in Log Church cemetery in Jo Daviess county, Illinois.

Now there’s some overlapping names here, so we have to keep them straight. Robert’s son Thomas, and his wife Jane lived in New York for a while and had two children, Jane Elizabeth and Isabella.  They are all living together, along with Thomas’ sister Barbara and another woman named Bridget Hill, in 1860 in Middleton, Richmond County, NY:


After Thomas’ early death (details about when, where, and why are sketchy), the two children moved in with their grandparents Robert and Hannah. Their mother Jane (maiden name unknown) also died in the early 1870s, about a year before Robert and Hannah’s daughter Jane married a Michael Farrell in Jo Daviess county.

Robert’s daughter Barbara disappeared after the 1860 census – I haven’t located her anywhere else, although if you go by the wills, she was still living (and unmarried) as late as 1880.

So Robert and Hannah’s family consisted of three children:

  1. Jane; m. Michael Farrell, no known children
  2. Thomas, m. Jane _____, 2 daughters: Jane Elizabeth and Isabella
  3. Barbara, no known spouse.

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