People, Place, and Time

Telling my family's stories

Genealogical Sources

I’ve broken this up into several different categories.  These are all sites that have actual data on them.  I’ve also separated off and clearly marked any sites that require payment, since I hate it when I click on something that I think will lead me to resources, only to be asked for a credit card.

  1. Databases

Family Search Run by the LDS, this website has records from all over the world, including parish and church, vital, probate, tax, and military records.  Sometimes they even provide the original images; if they don’t, and you find records for your family, I highly recommend you order the microfilm.

Find A Grave This is another site whose data comes from volunteer labor.  Cemetery records provide information about where someone died or had other close ties to; people are often buried close to relatives; and this site also allows contributors to post obituaries, family links, and other information.

2.  Research Aids

Historical Maps Trying to find out what part of “Germany” your ancestors emigrated from in 1837?  Look no farther!  Actually this collection of maps covers a large part of the globe.


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